Saturday, April 9, 2011


In every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction, as the saying goes...So, before deciding on a certain thing, we need to think not only twice but several times regarding its implication...what might be the result of such action...

I ask myself why the Church cannot accept the RH bill? then in my own concept I realize that  no need to pursue this issue.
(With regards to religion, I am not a catholic but I believe that religion cannot save a person...It is by accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and by repentance)

...I would like to take as an example the idea of teaching the young generation on how to use condoms...One of their reasons is to prevent the propagation of HIV virus. Now, the question in the first place...why there is a need to prevent?...If you will just avoid those unwanted sexual is sacred.. you can only do this with the blessing of marriage for God's sake!.
Your presence in a place that a responsible christian person should not be, is already a question...Teaching the children how to wear condoms should not be anymore a question, if a child has been properly guided by parents, rooted with the teachings of our so-called religion and the most important is, he or she is already a christian (follower of Christ).

Church and parents should double their efforts and act as model to the young generation, instead of introducing them how to enjoy that sexual act and be prevented from being contaminated by HIV virus. We are discreetly teaching them to do the immoral thing...Our Lord Jesus Christ had suffered so much for our sins...

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