Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The three branches in the Philippine Government

In the country like the Philippines, there are three major branches. The Judiciary, the Legislative and the Executive. The functions of these three branches were properly enbodied in the constitution. They have their individual distinct function equally important and needed by our government.     

Like in the Judiciary, they have the mandate to check the constitutionality of any law passed by the Legislative and upon approval by the Executive. The Legislative is also task to make laws and the Executive to approve it or to veto it. There were also decisions from the Juciary which were repealed by the Executive in the form of pardon. This is the so-called check and balance.

People should trust these three branches. The people working in these branches of government should also perform their duties without malice.  They have the mandate to do or perform the right things and should act in accordance to their functions. Failure to perform an act in which they are expected to perform, no matter what. is also an offense. This is the so-called "non-feasance".       

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